Friday, July 23, 2010

Casting Call Friday - Sloppy Firsts by Megan McCafferty

Yay for Friday! What a better way to start off this weekend that a Casting Call Session? :)

This week's choice is Sloppy Firsts by Megan McCafferty. I love, love, love this book. As a matter of fact, Daniela used to make fun of me for how much I love this book (and rightfully gushing over the swoonworthy leading male was a tad bit ridiculous I'll admit now).Because of the great love I have for this book, I've been struggling with my casting choices but I think I may FINALLY have them right. So here we go!

Jessica Darling: Ellen Page

Jessica is a 16-year-old girl who feels 'like a fish out of water'. She's smart, sassy and awkward. I feel like Ellen Page would totally capture that awkward teenage angst with a dash of snark and is pretty but not TOO pretty.

Bethany Darling: Kate Hudson

Jessica's older sister and a blonde bridezilla. Based on her previous experience on playing a superficial bridezilla, I'll go with Kate Hudson. She would irritate the heck out of me if she were my sister.I admit she may be a bit too old, though...

Mrs.Darling: Jean Smart

Jess's mom is also supposed to be a beautiful blond woman who is super feminine and it appears that Jessica considers her to be the older version of her sister. I'm going with Jean Smart because she's a fox and I think she'd nail that ultra feminine and motherly character.

Bridget Milhokovich: Leven Rambin

Jessica's childhood best friend, now a model. She's described as fair and beautiful but paranoid when it comes to the way she looks. "That's because born beauties get so much praise that their appearance becomes crucial to their self-worth." Leven's character on ABC's Scoundrels is similar to this so I think she would be perfect.

Paul Parlipiano: Kellan Lutz

OK. She has "hot buttered sex" dreams about Paul Parlipiano. She is "overwhelmed by the urge to lick the sweat off his six-pack. Yum yum." This guy needs to be HOT. He needs to be athletic as he is on the track team with her. Kellan Lutz is both. I'm sure he could play 'Columbia University early acceptance smart' as well.

Scotty Glazer: Corey Monteith

According to Jessica's mother, Scotty is a catch. He plays baseball, basketball and football. He has a strong jaw and suffers from chronic bed head. He was also Jessica's first boyfriend. I'm casting Monteith solely because this is the type of character he plays on Glee. He's not deep. He's attractive and gets by.

Sara D'Abruzzi: Lacey Chabert

Sara D'Abruzzi is a member of what Jessica and Hope call the "Clueless Crew". She's rich and uses "oh my god" and "quote, unquote" a lot. She is upset about looking like a "butchy softball player instead of a ballerina". Lacey doesn't fit this last requirement but she could completely capture that spoiled rich girl quality that Sara needs.

Manda Powers: Madeline Zima

Manda "thinks that reading feminist manifestos makes up for her borderline ho-bag behavior". Another member of the Clueless Crew, she is called the "Kissing Slut" and "Lend-a-Hand-a-Manda" and will only lose her virginity to a hot, six-foot tall blond guy who drives a jeep. Madeline has shown us in her performance as Mia on Californication that she can play a young, smart Lolita in the making .

Hyacinth 'Hy' Wallace: Shannon Sossamon

Hy is gorgeous in an edgy way. She comes to Pineville as a supposed transfer but we later learn that she s a socialite who's only using the group to write a book called Bubblegum Bimbos and Assembly Line Meatballers. Shannon Sossamon is perfect for this. She's gorgeous, model like and could go from blue jeans to limousines in two minutes flat.


There are a bunch of characters in this book but I just focused on the ones that I thought were important. Which brings me to the most important one to me--

Marcus Flutie: Now, I'm in love with Marcus Flutie. In love. When I first started this series, I decided that any man I was going to get involved with should be just like Marcus Flutie (yes, Daniela...even if he asked to pee in a yogurt container! :) ). My feelings for Flutie are passionate so I'm having a problem finding anyone who can measure up. The person I think comes the closest for me?

Adam Brody.

He's skinny enough. He's cute but not hot. I could totally imagine him writing me poetry and being enough of a delinquent that I would have to help him pass a urine test. He can play super smart but has the ability to play somewhat of a bad boy as well. He's just dreamy enough...

He's as close as it's going to get for me and even then, it's not on the money!

Who would you cast? Did I miss a favorite character? Do you think I should have cast Hope even if she's not seen? Let me know! (I would especially love to hear who Marcus Flutie would be for YOU!)


  1. Wow. Great cast selections. I would have never pegged you for an Adam Brody fan. interesting. i do think that Ellen Page and Adam Brody would make an excellent on-screen couple. this series totally has the right amount of quirkiness for the type of actors they are. the only thing i'm not sold on is your pick for mr. parlipiano (btw, this last name is still the best one i've ever encountered). i dont know if it was the god-awful makeup Lutz wore in the Twilight movie or what...but he is just not my type of abs-licking material. in my head, Paul looks like Ryan Sypek...maybe?

  2. Oooh, nice choices, Janelle. I like the idea of Ellen Page as Jessica Darling. She's not brunette but Emma Stone might be a good choice too.
    Okay, I will never admit how long I've been researching/thinking about these choices, but here are mine:

    Marcus Flutie is probably the hardest character to cast EVER, but here's my choice is Aaron Johnson from Kick Ass. I think he has a lot of Marcus' charm and mysteriousness.

    My only other choice b/c I don't remember the other characters well enough to make any guesses is for Paul Parlipiano. I think either Lucas till or Nicholas Hoult would be good b/c they're both just so pretty.

  3. Oh I love Adam Brody and I can't believe this hasn't come up before! I think he's one of the most adorable people ever to see on television. My celeb crush on him is quite embarrassing, actually. I think he'd be a fantastic Marcus Flutie and would have great chemistry with Ellen Page.

    With that being said...Erin, I haven't seen Kick Ass yet but based on this headshot (, I'd totally bring him in!

    I agree with both of you re: Parlipiano. While I think that Lutz is a bonafide hottie and that I'D lick his six-pack, I don't think he meshes with this cast at all. Daniela, I think that Sypek is a great fit, especially after I remembered the episode of Greek where he's a potential suitor for Casey. I think he'd nail it. He's athletic, cute and sensitive.

    Same with Nicholas Hoult. He has the beauty and sensitivity. I'd just worry about the athleticism.

  4. At LitSnit's request, we added all of the Jessica Darling works to, the web's premier 'fantasy casting' site, so EVERYONE can try their hand at 'casting' these. Go have fun!

  5. Still on holidays but it's raining and I am checking my reader, this is possibly MY FAVORITE SERIES ever, I have the biggest crush on Marcus:

    Ellen might be a bit too short for Jessica but I can see the resemblance, as much as I love Adam Brody (and I do) when I think of Marcus I picture Heath Ledger

    About Parlipiano I am thinking of James Franco:

  6. Me too! Heath Ledger around the time he fillmed 10 things i hate about you (dark, long-ish hair and all) is the way Marcus looks

  7. Ah! I never considered Heath Ledger! He, in 10 Things, would be a great Marcus Flutie! I think I just tend to lean more towards A.Brody because my crush on him rivals the love I have for Marcus. (*sigh*...both unattainable, though!)

    As for James Franco...I've been watching him on General Hospital and, based on his character, I don't think I want to see him anything ever again, haha! He's creeping me out!