Monday, August 19, 2013

how do you like your books?

I'm curious about your take on books vs. ebook vs. library books.

I have this kindle and it is currently my number one choice when it comes to reading books. I like it because it's lightweight, it gives me lots of book options on the go, its battery life is amazing, and since everything is transmitted wirelessly, it lets me get my books at the snap of a finger. Another good thing about my kindle is that it's backlight allows me to read in a dark room, which makes reading before bed a lot less disturbing when sharing a bed with someone.

But I'm a recent convert. Although I don't necessarily like owning a lot of books, I think a well-curated bookshelf--even if it's small--says a lot about a person! I've also discovered that books with pictures in them translate poorly on the black and white kindle screen format, and that's just unfortunate.

I also enjoy my library visits, even though they have sadly become increasingly infrequent. I love the browsing process, which is much nicer at the library than at the bookstore because  you can always tell how good a book is by how creased it's spine is with use.

I know this is probably a really old topic, but I'm still curious: how do you like to read your books?

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