Friday, October 8, 2010

Casting Call Friday - The Imperfectionists by Tom Rachman

The Imperfectionists (our September book club selection) is easily my favorite book since we started this blog. Yes, truly! I have great admiration for newspapermen and journalist and this book is a collection of the stories of eleven members of a Rome-based newspaper. Each character’s story captured some aspect about the paper media business, while also providing a brief glimpse of some universal human experience: the naivete when starting a new job, pondering over the meaning of life, the frustration of being unable to find the one and having to settle for just anyone, the self-hatred experienced by one labeled as an outcast, etc. I loved reading about each of the characters Rachman conjured up. They were all flawed individuals (ergo the book’s title) and yet so relatable precisely because of these flaws.

Alas, this is a casting call post and I must get back to that. Because the story is really a composition of 11 mini-stories, I think it would be very appropriate to film this similarly to a movie like Paris, Je T’aime .

Here is a selection of my favorite chapters, and the actor I’ve chosen to play the main role in the would-be shorts.

Bush Slumps to New Low in Polls
Paris Correspondent Lloyd Burko finds himself aged, no longer attractive to his wife and out of money. Trying to pitch commissionable story ideas to the paper, he gets in touch with his estranged son.

Cast - Michael Caine

World’s Oldest Liar Dies at Age 126
Obituary Writer Arthur Gopal finds himself content working on the least desirable sections of the paper. Then, a tragic event and a meeting with a dying writer challenge him to reinvent himself.

Cast - Kal Penn

“Global Warming Good for Ice Creams”
Corrections Editor Herman Cohen has always worshiped and idolized his childhood best friend. Herman's views must drastically be altered when he is reunited with this friend after many years.

Cast - John Goodman

“U.S. General optimistic on War”
Editor-in-Chief Kathleen Solson has a successful career and an unfaithful husband. Kathleen considers her own prospects of cheating when she runs into an old boyfriend.

Cast - Dami Moore

“The Sex Lives of Islamic Extremists”
Cairo Stringer Winston Cheung is fresh out of college looking to score a journalist position abroad. But he must compete with a couple of sneaky veterans if he wants a commission.

Cast - John Cho

“Kooks with Nukes”
Copy editor Rube Zaga is an outcast at the office. She hates everyone and it seems they all hate her right back. Wallowing in her own mystery, she mulls over the pros and cons of quitting.

Cast - Parker Posey

“76 Die in Baghdad Bombing”

News editor Craig Menzies works really hard at a job he despises. The only things that keep him going are his pipe dream of being an inventor and his beautiful, younger girlfriend.

Cast - Bryan Cranston

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