Thursday, October 7, 2010

Review - French Kiss (Diary of a Crush, Book # 1) by Sarra Manning

Summary (via Goodreads): When Edie and Dylan first see each other in photography class, an instant attraction draws them together. But true love never does run smoothly—the two spar as much as they can’t keep their hands off each other. Then comes the college trip to Paris: Edie’s willpower will be tested to the limit! In between furious arguments and trips to the Louvre, the two share some passionate moments—but will it last?

Review: I liked this book. A lot.

I picked this up after reading through previous entries of Emily and Her Pink Little Notes and coming across her glowing review. I’m not necessarily a fan of books that are written in journal entries. I think it’s difficult, while reading them, to get a full understanding of the characters and relationships (that could just be me, though).

I didn’t find that to be the case here.

I think Manning did a wickedly awesome job of communicating Edie and Dylan’s dynamic through journal entries. I found myself laughing during her bratty moments & cringing during the embarrassing ones. I also found myself engrossed in their intimate moments. *swoon* Dylan, for all of his typical 19 year old boy craziness, is a keeper in my book. (At least for a girl of the age 16…at my age, I’d (hopefully) tell him to go kick rocks.) He’s the kind of boy you genuinely drool over in high school.

Speaking of intimacy, I enjoyed that Edie was the typical 16 year old girl who may have been in a little over her head, as it would have been easy to try to age her since she went to school with an older crowd. Edie is very firm on not wanting to have sex, as she feels she is not ready—she doesn’t allow herself to feel pressured & takes a mature stance by stating it upfront. This story has the right amount of “steam”, just enough to make your heart beat a little faster…definitely perfect for a 16 year old crowd but still entertaining to those older as well.

All in all, I found this book to be direct and refreshing, light and fun. I’m eagerly waiting on Kiss and Make Up (Diary of a Crush, Book 2) in the mail.

LitSnit Grade: B+

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