Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Waiting on Wednesday - Janelle

I Love the 80s by Megan Crane

Release Date: March 17, 2011
Published by Quercus Publishing

Summary (via Megan Crane’s website): Jenna Jenkins has always loved 80s pop legend Tommy Seer, and in her heart she knows that they were meant to be together - despite the fact that he died when she was 12.

For a while it looked like her fiancé Adam might take his place in her heart, but when he dumps her for a 23 year old Jenna resigns herself to a life of yearning for the man she can never have.

When a freak accident sends her back to 1987 and into Tommy’s world, Jenna realizes she might have a chance after all. Unfortunately, fashion crimes are at an all time high: everyone has big shoulder pads and even bigger hair. More upsetting than the lack of Starbucks and mobiles is that Tommy does not recognize Jenna as his soul mate. Even worse, Jenna knows that in just a few weeks Tommy is going die in a terrible accident. At least, everyone will assume it’s an accident. But was it really?

Can Jenna save Tommy from his fate? Can she survive the horrors of 1987—for the second time around? And is Tommy Seer really the guy for her after all?"

I love, love, love Megan Crane. LOVE her. (Although, that profession may come off as slightly stalkerish...) I don’t think I can eloquently state why… I guess it’s because her characters, her stories are realistic.

I tell Erin quite often that the hero in romance novels must be based off SOMETHING. I refuse to believe, no matter how ridiculous/convoluted the story is, there must be a man out there like these characters. They aren't just pulled out of thin air. After I go on about this for several minutes, Erin just gives me this look (and Erin, you know which look!) and tells me, basically, that it is fantasy.

The point of that tangent is that Megan Crane’s books aren’t about these dreamy, perfect characters. Her characters are flawed and the romance is genuine. No one is swept off their feet and you experience the awkward, beginning stages. There isn’t some dream ending. It’s something that everyone, at some point, has experienced. ( I hope this makes sense…).

I do need to clarify that her novels aren’t necessarily about romance. The journey her characters take are grounded and genuine with a great deal of emotional depth. (Seriously, I feel like Gus of Frenemies right now…)

With that being said, while I’m looking forward to her new book (COME. ON. ALREADY), I’m a bit scared. Freak accidents causing time travel doesn’t exactly scream realistic to me, but I trust Megan Crane to do what she always does—to simply tell a good story.

Note: Waiting on Wednesday is an ingenious idea hosted by Jill over at Breaking the Spine.

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