Friday, January 21, 2011

Bloggiesta Weekend

Okay, I said I didn’t have time to participate in Bloggiesta via Twitter, but I’ve changed my mind. Mine will be a mini-bloggiesta! Bloggiesta is a weekend-long blogging, well, fiesta, where you fix those little bugs on your blog you’ve been meaning to get to, write all those rainy day reviews, and whatever other bloggy things that need to be done.

My goals are simple:
  • Write at least 2 reviews
  • Update the “Reviews” list (I’ve been lazy lately)
  • Get the tags under control (I think we’ve been using multiple tags that all mean the same thing)
  • Sign up for a challenge or two. I know I said I wasn’t into challenges, but I’ve seen some awesome ones out there and some purposeful reading might be a good thing.
  • Network! There are so many awesome blogs out there and I feel like I’ve been lax in my commenting, book-related twittering, and just generally getting into the community. Plus, there are a lot of great blogs that are talking about blogging organization and how to keep on top of your blog that I really want to check out.
  • Finally, see my fellow bloggers. (Sadly, sans our newest Lit Snit-er Christy who’s a few hundred miles away) It’s been far too long since Janelle, Daniela, and I have seen each other and caught up on both books and life so I’m looking forward to some good ol’ brunching this weekend. (Don’t worry, Christy, we’ll have a mimosa for you!)

So those are my Bloggiesta goals. Nothing too fancy and entirely achievable…hopefully.

Check out some of the other participants this weekend to see what they’re up to!

In other news, the always hilarious Tahereh is giving away two $100 Amazon gift cards over at her blog. Can I just say I would do horrible, horrible things to a $100 to Amazon? And by “horrible things” I mean, I would buy A LOT of book. So, mostly horrible for the dwindling shelf space in my apartment.

Now, I think my mini-bloggiesta weekend calls for a stop at the grocery store after work for some chips and salsa and some tequila! (like anyone needs an excuse for tequila)

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