Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Casting Callback: Moon Called by Patricia Briggs

It's been a little over a week and I'm still thinking about "Moon Called." It seems this book has really worked it's wolfy magic on me and I'm truly all over this Alpha & Omega series! I've decided it's time to put some faces on these characters. In though, it's not a difficult callback since the series' graphic novelization provides great visual cues.

Mercedes (Mercy) Thompson: Half human, half coyote, Mercy has a mysterious background that's at least part Native American. She is also a car mechanic by trade, so she has some tough-chic undertones to her.

Casting Callback: Eva Mendes
This actor has grown on me. I think she can be a great Mercy. Eva Mendes's beautiful dark features will work well for this role. She will make a sizzling car mechanic/coyote. I mean, what guy (or wolf) won't be happy to have her inspect his car, hmmm?

Adam Hauptman: Adam is the attractive and grounded alpha male of the local werewolves pack. He has a calm disposition, but his temper can flare if adequately provoked. He is a divorcee with a teenage daughter.

Casting Callback: Joel Edgerton
I don't know what it is about Joel Edgerton, but he just exudes calmness and trustworthiness. I think it might have something to do with his blue eyes and friendly face. I really like him for Adam.

Samuel Cornick: Sam is a 200+ year old werewolf that once courted Mercy. Then broke her heart, big time! He is a medical doctor by trade, a characteristic indicative of how well he can control his inner wolf. Looks-wise, he is chiseled but a little less attractive than Adam. In the book, his chemistry with Mercy is almost palpable.

Casting Callback: Josh Holloway
I have nothing much to say about this. I loved Josh Holloway when he played Sawyer in Lost and I just think he will be great in a werewolf role. I also wouldn't mind seeing him square it off with Adam for Mercy's attention.

Mac: Mac is the teenage boy Mercy decided to take on as her assistant in the car shop. He is homeless and looks rather disheveled and scrawny. Mostly though, he is very scared since he is a newly converted werewolf, whose uncontrollable transformations are simply frightening.

Casting Callback: Eddie Redmayne. This actor will be perfect in portraying a homeless and disheveled young teenager who is afraid everything, even himself.

So how about it, who would you include in your "Moon Called" movie casting?

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